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BTA One Page Virtual Competition 2022

We were delighted to receive 108 entries from eleven different countries. Entries were judged in the internationally accepted categories of Thematic - Culture; Thematic - Nature; Thematic - Technology; Open; Topical; Youth ages 10 - 15; Youth ages 16 - 18. 

These are the very top entries, given the Diamond award. Click on the thumbnail to view full size:

      BTA MEMBER BEST IN SHOW                            NON-BTA MEMBER BEST IN SHOW


                         Wayne Cox                                                           Yme Woensdregt

      Anthony Trollope - Pillar Box Pioneer!              Down the rabbit hole with Lady Liberty       

         Class: Thematic - Technology                              Class: Thematic - Culture       


The other Diamond award winners are:


               Alastair Watson                                                             Fran Adams

             The Blue Whale                                                  Sir Arthur Keith - Perpetrator or Victim?

                 Class: Open                                                                   Class: Open 



                 Greg Galletti                                                               Mark Humfrey

The World's Capitol - The UN Headquarters                William Dampier: British explorer                                                                                                                    and scientific observer


                   Class: Open                                                           Class: Thematic - Culture  

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