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BTA Zoom Presentations July 2021 - December 2021

You will not need a YouTube account to watch these presentations. 

You can also access presentations from December 2020 - June 2021 here.


14 December: A Christmas Celebration

Themed presentations by Brian Sole and Barry Stagg


17 November: John Davies A Jubilee Reminiscence

The story of the introduction in 1890 of Great Britain’s first commemorative postal stationery to mark the introduction of Uniform Penny Postage fifty years earlier. This Open Class exhibit won Gold at Stockholmia in 2019 and Large Gold and Best in Show at Autumn Stampex 2021.


26 October. Member's Presentations - 12 members present aspects of their collections




25 September. Dawn Hamman (President, American Topical Association) The thematic scene in the USA


10 August. Katrin Raynor-Evans. Exploring Astronomy and Space through Philately

An introduction to the topic of astronomy and space celebrated through philately, including the world’s first astronomy stamps, the global spread of astronomy on stamps and astronomy/space discoveries and achievements that have appeared on philatelic material.


13 July. Edith and Rodney Knight. The History, Culture & Civilization of Spain. Part 1: Megaliths, Moors and Monarchs. (Medieval Spain up to the Reconquest)

1n 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue, from a (just about) united Spain. To get to this point, we need to travel from Talyots, Trajan, Egeria, Visigoths, Moors, Abd al Rahman I to III, Sepharad Jews, Wilfred the Hairy, El Cid, to Ferdinand 1st (not) and Isabella.