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List Of Speakers

The BTA maintains a list of its members who give displays to societies. 
Clubs or Societies wanting more details or who wish to book any of the displays should contact the Membership Secretary. Please ensure you state which display you are interested in and offer a range of dates and times available.

Dr. J. Alexander FRPSL Waterfalls of the World
Mr. B. Asquith Faster Than a Bullet
Mrs. W. Buckle FRPSL The Write Stuff   
Mrs. G. Davies FRPSL Peace - All Aspects
Mrs. G. Davies FRPSL Nobel, The Peace Prize and Laureates
Mr. J. Davies FRPSL 1890 Penny Post Jubilee
Mr. J. Davis FRPSL A Hundred Different Ways to Deliver Mail
Mr. J. Davis FRPSL 101 Years of Tin Can (Canoe) Mail of Niuafo’ou 
(Kingdom of Tonga)
Dr. J. Etherington FRPSL 1940- A Desperate Year for Britain
Mr M. Humfrey Orchids
Mr. M. McGrath FRPSL Black Gold (oil, gas and petrochemical industry)
Prof. A. Millington Copper: the metal that changed the world
Mrs. M.I. Morris FRPSL Aspects of Astronomy
Mrs. M.I. Morris FRPSL Time
Mr. C. Mount FRPSL Pig in the Post
Prof. C. Oppenheim FRPSL It’s Patently Obvious
Prof. C. Oppenheim FRPSL Chess
Mrs. J. Osborne  Medicinal Plants
Mrs. J. Osborne  GB Exhibitions (Philatelic and non-philatelic)
Mr. I.A. Peel Capt James Cook – his Early Life and 1st Voyage
Mr. I.A. Peel Capt. James Cook – 2nd and 3rd Voyages
Mr. I.A. Peel Capt. William Bligh – The Man and his Mutinies
Mr. B.J. Sole FRPSL Go by Cycle
Mr. B.J. Sole FRPSL British Greetings Telegrams
Mr. B.J. Sole FRPSL Thematics – How to Display
Mr. B. Stagg Parachuting
Mr. B. Stagg Archery
Mr B. Stagg The life and work of the missionary John Williams
Mrs A. Stammers Rocks to Riches
Mr. M. Turnbull Music
Mr. M. Turnbull Aviation
Mr. M. Turnbull World Overprints
Mr. C. Wheeler An evening of any two of:
Mr. C. Wheeler   Eurovision
Mr. C. Wheeler     The Salvation Army 
Mr. C. Wheeler   Kew Gardens 
Mr. C. Wheeler   David Gentleman
Mr. P. Wood FRPSL It’s an Irish World
Mr. L. Yandell Church Architecture