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BTA Zoom Presentations Dec 2020 - June 2021

This archive page contains the first seven Zoom presentations made during the Association's 'pandemic programme' in 2020 and 2021.


16 June: Jean Alexander. Stamp Advisory Committee Christmas Menus

Between 1977 and 2014 Royal Mail held a Christmas Lunch for members of the Stamp Advisory Committee as a thank you for their work. In each of these years a special menu was produced by the Design Department, who wanted to show off their expertise to designers on the committee. This is part of the collection of menus.


20 May. Adrian Thomas. Pietism & Philately

Two of Adrian's favourite books on the religous movment Pietism were a guide to starting a surprisingly varied thematic collection featuring key figures from the pietist movement, both well-known and obscure.


15 April.  Barry Stagg. Ladies from heaven

An often humorous and sometimes sad postcard presentation showing various parachuting ladies and how the styles of female parachutist’s clothing and luggage has changed over the years.

PDF of presentation


18 March. Jon Matthias. The Statue of Liberty on Stamps

PDF of presentation


16  February. Charles Oppenheim. It's Patently Obvious

PDF of presentation slides


13 January. Wendy Buckle. Watermarks: from medieval trademark to modern security feature

PDF of presentation slides



09 December. Andrew Millington. Aspects of my Copper Collection

PDF of presentation slides