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Thematic Collecting


The attraction of thematic philately

Click here for a presentation given by Barry Stagg to the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain on 9th June 2023...

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What is thematic collecting?

Thematic collecting is about collecting by theme or subject rather than by country or geographical area. The subject will be a very personal choice, and has no limitations other than availability of material. It can be limited to just stamps, featuring the theme as a major or minor element of the design, or ones that have wording on them...

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Advice For Beginners

Like starting any new venture it is probably best to have a clear plan on how you are going to proceed rather than rushing headlong into a thematic collection. The advice given by John Hayward on how to embark on a thematic collection is directed at philatelists. However the advice given is equally sound if you wish to include non-philatelic...

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Types of Material

There are many types of material that you might consider including in your collection. Most people, when they start collecting a particular theme, first look out for stamps depicting aspects of their subject. But after a time some choose to go further. This list has been compiled to give you an idea of the many types of material you...

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