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Thematic Collecting

What is thematic collecting?

Thematic collecting is about collecting by theme or subject rather than by country or geographical area. The subject will be a very personal choice, and has no limitations other than availability of material. It can be limited to just stamps, featuring the theme as a major or minor element of the design, or ones that have wording on them...

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Advice For Beginners

Like starting any new venture it is probably best to have a clear plan on how you are going to proceed rather than rushing headlong into a thematic collection. The advice given by John Hayward on how to embark on a thematic collection is directed at philatelists. However the advice given is equally sound if you wish to include non-philatelic...

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Useful Resources

British Thematic Association Resources Themescene is the BTA Journal issued 4 times a year containing details of all BTA events, reports and articles about thematic collecting. The articles produced offer considerable assistance to beginners and experienced collectors in formulating their collections and displays. Themescene Subject...

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