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Examples Of Exhibits: National And International

Entries exhibited at Stampex

The Dove and the Olive Branch. Grace Davies (2016)


Links to examples of national and international exhibits. Please note the BTA is not responsible for the content of external sites, and we do not hold a view on the marks given. 

Sites with multiple exhibits

FIP Thematic Commission. Click on "Exemplary Exhibits" on left-hand side

Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica

Selected pages from competitions held by The American Topical Association

Pages from UICOS (the Italian Union of Olympic and Sports Collectors). [Click on the title, then on the first page].


Individual exhibits

L. van Beethoven - his life in a historial context and his legacy. (Thematic Class; winner of multiple international gold medals)

Tonga Tin Can Mail History 1882-1947 (Open Class; awarded vermeil at New York 2016)


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