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Examples Of Exhibits: International, Multi-sites

Sites with multiple exhibits. Please note the BTA is not responsible for the content of external sites, and we do not hold a view on the marks given. 

SAVPEX: South African Philatelic Federation Virtual One-Frame Exhibition. A multi-disciplinary exhibition including Thematic, Open and Postcard. Contains entries by two BTA members:


Andrew Millington (class 7)                                         Heather Lawn (class 3)

Falu Gruva – The Mine that made a Nation                   Cockatoos


FIP Thematic Commission. Click on "Exemplary Exhibits" on left-hand side

European Championship for Thematic Philately, 2019. A pdf of each exhibit is on the right-hand side of the list of results

Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica

EXPONET Thematic exhibits. (You can also search by various criteria).

them@com Thematic exhibits

Pages from UICOS (the Italian Union of Olympic and Sports Collectors). [Click on the title, then on the first page].

Pages from NETEX (Swedish Philatelic Exhibition). Some are in Swedish but Google Translate will translate the titles of the cover sheet).