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BTA Zoom Presentations 2023 (January - August)

Here are the BTA Zoom Presentations for 2023 from January to August. (The presentations are in reverse order with the most recent at the top)

15th August: George Henshilwood A thematic approach to th50 US States

A meander through a number of the 50 US States, perhaps visiting the 51st state as we go, with a range of philatelic material helping to explain the growth and expansion of the US and the diverse landmarks and customs we encounter. Along the way, we will discover a few fun facts about the states which only serve to illustrate the diversity of the nation.


08 JulyPeter Wood  The Irish in America

Emigration from Ireland has been significant from the early Middle Ages. By the twenty-first century an estimated 80 million people worldwide claimed Irish ancestry and this includes some 36 million Americans, about 10% of the population, who state Irish as their primary ethnicity. The presentation will introduce some of the people, places and events to illustrate this story.


17 JuneMichele Bresso ~ The history of St. Bernards as rescue dogs

The distinguished Saint Bernard dog breed makes for a rewarding topical collection in its own right. This presentation narrows the focus of that topic to explore the history - and the myth - of this stalwart canine in service to others. 


17 May: Charles Oppenheim ~ Some chess pieces

The presentation shows early examples of chess-related stamps, postmarks, meter marks, plus early covers from chess clubs and correspondence chess games. There is also a selection of famous people who liked, or seriously disliked chess and various things to do with chess and war (including a chess game that never took place).


18 April:  Malcolm Gascoyne  ~ The evolution of the picture postcard 


7 March: Michele Bresso ~ Exploring industrial, wartime and and social communication through  typewriter philately

Michele examines the significance of typewriters in history, culture and technology; an invention which changed the way the world communicated when it appeared on the commercial scene in the late 1800s.


09 February: Geoff Blackwell ~ Photography, photographers and postage stampseoff explores the history of photography as depicted in stamps, and  considers the claims that photographers have been overlooked by the philatelic community.


12 January: Julian Bagwell ~ Cricket related philatelic material 1830s to 1960s

There has been an explosion in cricket related philatelic issues since the early 1970s.  There is not much beforehand, so presenting material for earlier periods is a bit of a challenge.  The presentation focusses on things that are directly related to cricket, such as letters from famous cricketers, postcards of touring teams or famous players, through to items that talk about cricket and one or two advertising covers.