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Showing Your Collection

There will be members who will only collect for themselves and never consider showing their collection to other than perhaps a chosen few. Some, probably those belonging to their local stamp or postcard club, will display some of their material at members' meetings, or respond to an invitation to put on a whole meeting's display. A small number of you will go further and decide to go down the competitive route, entering club, county, national or even international competitions. 


Showing your collection at club level

Share your enthusiasm with others. You decide what to show and how it is shown. Your only restriction is the numbers of sheets you are able to display.


Exhibiting Competitively

A different approach is necessary from collecting and displaying at club level. All competitions have rules, and to be successful you have to abide by them. There will be restrictions on numbers, size and colour of eligible sheets.

Most people start at club level and progress to county competitions, either individually or as part of a society team in county and inter-society competitions. The next step is national level at Spring and Autumn Stampex. You need to gain a Large vermeil (85%) at national level to proceed to international

Members of the BTA could enter three competitions, Thematic, Open, Picture Postcard. 

Further information can be found on the Guidance on Pictorial Exhibiting page, the ABPS website, and at the website of the Thematic Philately Commission of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie


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