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BTA Presentations On Zoom: Programme

The British Thematic Association has launched a series of meetings held via Zoom. The programme is being developed, all details are given here.


Wednesday 09 December.  19.30. Andrew Millington Aspects of my copper collection

Items from a wide ranging collection which includes geology, technology, art and architecture, and economic and social history.



Wednesday 13 January.  1930.  Wendy Buckle Watermarks: from medieval trademark to modern security feature

Their early use, how they are made on hand-made paper and on machine-made paper, and how they can be brought into a thematic collection


Tuesday 16 February.  19.30  Charles Oppenheim It's patently obvious

A history of patents, their development into something granted for inventions, famous people who worked with patents, where patents overlap with philately, and to end with an advertising Mulready promoting a weird patented product.


Thursday 18 March. Jon Matthias Statue of Liberty on stamps

The Statue of Liberty in New York has appeared on stamps from all over the world, to represent New York, the United States of America, and as a sometimes subversive symbol of freedom, justice and equality.


Thursday 15 April. Barry Stagg. Ladies from heaven

An often humorous and sometimes sad postcard presentation showing various parachuting ladies and how the styles of female parachutist’s clothing and luggage has changed over the years.


Thursday 20 May. Adrian Thomas. Pietism and philately

Two favourite books on Pietism, telling the story of Pietist figures with a short biography and a selection of writings, were a guide to starting a surprisingly varied thematic collection. There is not necessarily a direct relationship between someone’s importance and any philatelic commemoration. 


All you need to do to attend the latest event is email and ask to be registered.


The event will last for approximately one hour, including an opportunity for you to ask questions.
This Zoom event is accessible on most devices including smartphones, tablets (like iPads), and laptop and desktop computers.
You do not need a computer camera to take part in this event – if you wish, simply choose to join without video when Zoom opens. Nor do you need a Zoom account.
For more information on how to use Zoom, including video tutorials about how to join a meeting, click here