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BTA Presentations On Zoom: Programme

The British Thematic Association has launched a series of meetings held via Zoom. The programme is being developed, all details are given here. Videos of previous presentations are on YouTube - access them here.



Thursday 20 May. Adrian Thomas. Pietism and philately

Two favourite books on Pietism, telling the story of Pietist figures with a short biography and a selection of writings, were a guide to starting a surprisingly varied thematic collection. There is not necessarily a direct relationship between someone’s importance and any philatelic commemoration. 


Wednesday 16 June. Jean Alexander. Stamp Advisory Committee Christmas Menus

Between 1977 and 2014 Royal Mail held a Christmas Lunch for members of the Stamp Advisory Committee as a thank you for their work. In each of these years a special menu was produced. The design department wanted to show off to the designers on the commitee their expertise. This is part of the collection of menus.


Tuesday 13 July. Edith and Rodney Knight. The History, Culture & Civilization of Spain.       Part 1: Megaliths, Moors and Monarchs. (Medieval Spain up to the Reconquest)

1n 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue, from a (just about) united Spain. To get to this point, we need to travel from Talyots, Trajan, Egeria, Visigoths, Moors, Abd al Rahman I to III, Sepharad Jews, Wilfred the Hairy, El Cid, to Ferdinand 1st (not) and Isabella.


Tuesday 10 August. Katrin Raynor-Evans. Exploring Astronomy and Space Through Philately

The aim of the presentation is to provide the audience with an introduction on the topic of astronomy and space celebrated through philately including the world's first astronomy stamps, the global spread of astronomy on stamps and astronomy/space discoveries and achievements that have appeared on philatelic material. 


All you need to do to attend the latest event is email and ask to be registered.


The event will last for approximately one hour, including an opportunity for you to ask questions.
This Zoom event is accessible on most devices including smartphones, tablets (like iPads), and laptop and desktop computers.
You do not need a computer camera to take part in this event – if you wish, simply choose to join without video when Zoom opens. Nor do you need a Zoom account.
For more information on how to use Zoom, including video tutorials about how to join a meeting, click here