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News: BTA Display to the RPSL 2024

  20/04/2024 @ 12:58pm

'Showcasing the World of Pictorial Collecting' was the title chosen for the BTA's presentation to the Royal Philatelic Society London, on the occasion of the BTA’s 40th anniversary.
It was a great honour to be invited to give this display, which proved to be hugely successful, with around 90 visitors, many of them not pictorial collectors themselves but interested in finding out more. The comments heard as people viewed the frames were certainly very complimentary, and those who were displaying were asked a number of questions about their pages. 

There were fifteen displays of between one and eight frames, Some of them had been competitive exhibits in the Thematic, Open or Picture Postcard classes, while others were what our Chairman Barry Stagg described as “collections”: put together for sheer enjoyment without any reference to rules. And isn’t that what we all do in some of our collecting? One thing that unites all of us is enthusiasm for the subject whose story we are telling, so it is no surprise that as well as 54 frames of pages there were also four display cabinets featuring memorabilia. As Grace Davies, in giving the vote of thanks, remarked “it didn’t quite cover A - Z, but it did manage B to U (Blood to Umbrellas)”. 
A copy of the booklet accompanying the display has been sent to all BTA members, and is available to view here.
To see more photos from the event click here (click on any image to view the gallery). Selected photographs courtesy of the RPSL.


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