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News: Virtual One-Page Competition Palmares

  15/04/2023 @ 5:07pm

Paolo Vispi BEST IN CLASS Canticle of the Sun Diamond
Fran Adams Charon Ruby
Salvatore Picconi An Ancient Love Song from Sardinia Ruby
Salvatore Picconi Mario Tiddia: a Sardinian footballer Ruby
Alistair Watson New Zealand's Dolphin - Cephalorynchua hectori Emerald
Ramani Srinivasan Butterflies: Charismatic Ambassadors Emerald
Bhavana Kishore Baglodi Railway Philately through Bookmarks Opal
Devershi Bhagat Indian Covid-19 Vaccines saved Mankind Opal
Praveen Shastry Red Cross Society Opal
Selvanambi Balasundaram India's stepwells - a pancea for water crisis Opal
Steve Gerrard Personalised Police Stamps Opal
Wayne Cox BEST IN CLASS Rise and demise of the GPO Diamond
James Dickinson BEST IN CLASS Death of Doyle's Detective Ruby
Augusto Zavala The Incas Chess Players Emerald
Debasish Das Talking Eyes Emerald
Thomas Oguntke Give Peace a Chance Emerald
Debasish Das Secret History of Mongolia Opal
M Gurudath Kamath Fragrant Stamps of India (2019) Opal
Prashanth Shet Musical Instruments of Wandering Minstrels Opal
Praveen Ganeshan Madurai Meenakshi Temple  Opal
Radhika Shet Diwali Opal
Shadev Sharma Textile Philately Opal
Vidya Kishore Baglodi Mahaparinirvana of Buddha (India) 2007 Opal
Fran Adams The Golden Hat of Schifferstadt Ruby
Mark Humfrey BEST IN CLASS Postal use of Orchids in polar locations Emerald
Siri Sharma Rosacea - A Thorny Beauty Emerald
Bhavana Kishore Baglodi The Dwindling Population of Tigers in India Opal
Kishore K Baglodi Sparrow Opal
Paula Cleary Owls Opal
Ramani Srinivasan Globetrotters without visas Opal
Kannappan Shannugam BEST IN CLASS The Nobel Couples Ruby
Kannappan Shannugam The World is Against Malaria Emerald
Hansraj Alva Solar System Opal
S Krithikka (Age 11) The X-Ray Man Emerald
Apeksha Shet (Age 16) Fauna Opal
B Shruthikka (Age 13) Father of Tamil Printing in India Opal


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