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News: Virtual One-Page Competition Palmares: Thematic -Culture; Open

  19/04/2022 @ 3:07am

Mark Humfrey JOINT BEST IN CLASS William Dampier: British Explorer and Scientific Observer Diamond
Yme Woensdregt JOINT BEST IN CLASS Down the rabbit hole with Lady Liberty Diamond
Fran Adams The Arcadia Conference Ruby
Derwin Mak The Alliance for Progress Ruby
Thomas Oguntke Buddy Holly Ruby
Salvatore Picconi The Coat of Arms of the Republic of San Marino Ruby
Paolo Vispi Gubbio: history, custom and gastronomy Ruby
Yme Woensdregt Women Writing Music Ruby
Vidya Abhaya Indian Musicians Emerald
Fran Adams The Well-baked man Emerald
Vidya K. Baglodi Entertainment Emerald
Kishore K. Baglodi Indian Hand fans Emerald
Thomas W. Broadhead Josephine Baker Emerald
Briti Deb Ancient Paintings and Their Incredible Stories Emerald
Vinay Gokula The Adventures of Tintin Emerald
David Hope Prize Emerald
Rodney Knight The Amazon - The Expedition that never was Emerald
S. K. Lakshmanan Decathlon Emerald
Duraisamy Natarajan Presidents and Prime Ministers of India Emerald
Krishnaswamy Ramarathnam Historic Jewellery Emerald
Lokeswara Rao Buddha Sitting Postures Emerald
Lokeswara Rao Kandayan Dance Emerald
M. Jayorakash Rao Parakram Diwas - A Day to celebrate Valour Emerald
Bala Sakthis Historical Gates of Indian Forts and Monuments Emerald
Radikha Shet Indian Cuisine Emerald
Jacquiline Roberts Singh Congregation of R.J.M. - A Journey from France to India Emerald
Sundaresan Thanikachalam From a Common Man to a Great Soul 'The Mahatma' Emerald
Antonio Triolo Luigi Orione and Annibal Maria of France Emerald
Yme Woensdregt The Pride Flag Emerald
Peter Wood Sport in America - The Irish Connection Emerald
Augusto Zavala R.  From Chaturanga to Chess Emerald
Bhavana K. Baglodi Mahatma Gandhi in Odisha Opal
Rajit K. Bhat Fashion Opal
Debasish Das Remembering India's Magnificent Mughals Opal
M. Gurudath Kamath Commonwealth Games India Opal
Arun Kumar UTSC - An Indian State formed after Independence Opal
Praveen Ganeshan Suryanamaskar Opal
Nikhilesh Melkote Bradman - The 'Don' of Cricket Opal
Mythili Ranjan Teachers Day Opal
Reshma R.V. Hockey Opal
Reshma R.V. Shera Opal
S. Sahdev Sharma Goa Liberation Day Opal
M. Prashanth Shet Head Gears Opal
K. K. Swaminathan Opal
K. K. Swaminathan Timor Leste - an island nation in south Asia Opal
Alastair Watson BEST IN CLASS The Blue Whale Diamond
Fran Adams Sir Arthur Keith - Perpetrator or Victim? Diamond
Greg Galletti The World's Capitol - The UN Headquarters Diamond
Geoff Blackwell The Story of the Discovery of Photography and Early Developments Ruby
Michele Bresso St Bernards as Rescue Dogs Ruby
Michele Bresso Willie Mays Ruby
Debasish Das Hands of Time Ruby
James Dickinson Shire Delight - Northamptonshire Philately Ruby
Salvatore Picconi What is a Nuraghe? Ruby
Thomas W. Broadhead The Corpse Flower Emerald
Thomas W. Broadhead The Sinking of the Russie 1901 Emerald
Paula Cleary The Royal Air Forces Escaping Society Emerald
Abdelkader Lemrahi La solidarite nationale Emerald
Abdelkader Lemrahi H.M. Mohammed V, King of Morocco Emerald
Venkatesan Perumal City with four lighthouses Emerald
M. Jayorakash Rao Ahimsa The Non-Violence Route for Life Emerald

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