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News: Virtual One-Page Competition Palmares: Thematic - Nature; Thematic - Technology; Topical; Youth

  18/04/2022 @ 11:15pm

Tushar Deshpande BEST IN CLASS The Unending Saga of the Exploitation of Elephants Ruby
Gary Green Honey Ruby
Jean-Claude Guyaux Le Caféier - sa fleur et sa cerise  Ruby
Mark Humfrey A brief history of perfumery in Grasse Ruby
Ramani Srinivasan Insects did it first Ruby
Satish Kumar The Fluttering Rainbow Emerald
T. Murugavel Elephants the Gentle Giants Emerald
T. Murugavel Let us keep the Tigers in Jungles and not in History - Save Tigers *** Emerald
Lokeswara Rao Vanda Miss Joaquim Emerald
Lokeswara Rao Vanilla Emerald
Madanagopal Swamiappan Pollinators - Farmer's Friends Emerald
Michael Thompson The Frog Emerald
S. Suradha Barn Swallow - A Ray of Hope Opal
Wayne Cox BEST IN CLASS Anthony Trollope - Pillar Box Pioneer! Diamond
Hansraj Alva Philatelic Expressions of Covid Ruby
Debasish Das Where Does Time Begin? Ruby
Jacquiline Roberts Singh A Journey from Fibre to Fabric Ruby
Jacquiline Roberts Singh The TAZARA (Tanzania-Zambia) Railway Ruby
P. Sreetharan 'Rocket' that changed the world Ruby
Vidya Kishore Baglodi Step Wells Emerald
Arun Kumar The Solar System Emerald
Dr R. K. Ranjan Malaria Awareness through Inland Letters Emerald
Sundar Rathinavel India Mission in Space Emerald
K. Sridhar Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Pricing Emerald
Dr. M. Vasantha Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Emerald
Sujithra Devi Our Solar System Opal
Ramapriya Krishnamurthy 50th Anniversary of RSAF Opal
Anju Mitra Evolution of Cuba Railways Opal
B. Madhini Mapping the Mount Everest and the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India Opal
Kannappan Shanmugam BEST IN CLASS M.K.Gandhi stamp varieties Ruby
Thumanivannan Ramakrishnan HiStory telling stamps Emerald
Krishnaswamy Ramarathnam Think Green Emerald
M. Gurudath Kamath Indian Symbols through Philately Opal
Krishnaswamy Ramarathnam Fragrances of flowers to promote harmony  Opal
YOUTH 12 - 15    
Vivan Deshpande JOINT BEST IN CLASS Red Panda - The Vanishing Firefox Ruby
Vivaan Singh JOINT BEST IN CLASS Scoring a Football Goal Ruby
Anbu S. Chidambaram Sleepless City - Madurai Ruby
Kannammai Sivakumar Symbols which symbolise our country Ruby
Savar Dayal Roy Chowdury The Tadoba Andhari National Park - Tiger Conservation Emerald
C.M. Dhanuj Yoga Birth in India Emerald
P. V. Vishesh Rashrapati Bhavan  Emerald
P. V. Vishesh Lighthouse Emerald
S.S. Sneha Exotic Stamps of the World Emerald
T.S. Sivakumar Freedom Fighters Opal
YOUTH 16 - 18    
Bahrataraj Srinivas BEST IN CLASS Harmony and Peace for Humanity - Yoga Emerald


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