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Autumn Stampex 2021

Barring any further delays the BTA will now be the lead organisation for displays at Autumn Stampex 2021. Thank you to everyone who has already offered material to exhibit or display. Of course we would like more! 

Exhibits can be either competitive or for display (the latter will not be judged): both are equally welcome. Exhibits can be anything between one and five frames (sixteen sheets per frame), or eight frames for those who have qualified for this. 

If you would like to compete: 

  • There are no qualification requirements.
  • If you are new to competitions (at least at this level) you may find it helpful to read the guidance and tips on exhibiting on the BTA’s website.
  • Unlike international competitions it does not have to be five frames: you choose how many frames you want to submit

If you would like to display only (non-competitive exhibit):

  • Don’t feel obliged to rewrite your pages. 
  • You will not be required to submit original material unless you want to. Good quality scans are perfectly acceptable. Send them to BTA Chairman Barry Stagg either as printed pages (1 Naunton Way, Cheltenham, Glos., GL53 7BQ) or email him the file and he will print the pages out, mount them at the exhibition and take them down afterwards. Please email him if you have any queries about this.

Competitive or non-competitive:

  • If you plan to exhibit, or are thinking about it as a possibility, please email the BTA Competitions Organiser, Andrew Millington, and let him know how many frames you plan to exhibit. 
  • Let Andrew know if you will be a first time exhibitor at Stampex, as this will help the BTA’s planning.
  • You can produce more than one exhibit.
  • The rules and regulations for Stampex exhibits and displays (the latter are called non-competitive exhibits) can be found by navigating through the ABPS website under ‘Exhibiting’. 

The online entry forms for Autumn Stampex 2021 are on the ABPS website under 'Exhibiting - Register yourself or enter an exhibit here'.

  • The title and a brief description of each exhibit will be published in the Stampex programme. This will be taken from your entry form.
  • The normal arrangements for Stampex are that you need to mount and dismount your own exhibit(s), so you will either need to be in London on 28th September, and 2nd October OR pass your entry to a nominated member of the BTA Committee who will be happy to manage this for you.
  • Fees are £25 per frame. The BTA is committed to producing a very wide range of material that will showcase pictorial collecting, not to mention advertise the Association, and to encourage those new to exhibiting (whether to compete or to display only) the BTA will contribute £10 towards the fee of the first (or only) frame of your exhibit.

As we all know, things can change quickly. The BTA’s advice is that if you want to display or exhibit at Autumn Stampex 2021 you should continue to plan on doing that unless or until you hear otherwise. Please keep an eye on the BTA or ABPS websites. If you have any questions at all please contact Andrew Millington