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News: BTA Virtual One-Page Competition 2022 Results

  19/04/2022 @ 7:46pm

We received 108 entries from 76 people, 16 of them BTA members. Overall eleven different countries were represented, competing in seven different classes, with winners coming from four of those countries. By any measurement, the competition was a huge success. Congratulations to everyone who took part and contributed to this event.

The rules as published invited exhibits which fell within the remit of a Thematic, Topical, Picture Postcard, or Open Philately class. In the event there were so many thematic entries we decided to break that class down according to international practice, in order to recognize top class entries on a variety of subjects. And we were delighted to get some Youth entries, so marked those differently, giving much more emphasis on presentation. Thus there were seven categories: 

Thematic - Nature

Thematic - Technology

Thematic - Culture



Youth - ages 10 - 15

Youth - ages 16 - 18

We deliberately chose our own marking schedule which avoids any comparison with national and international grades, as a one-page competition is a difficult and very different discipline to mainstream philatelic competitions. In marking the entries we were looking for specific elements: at least two or three different philatelic items; at least two or three different countries; a title; a good story line and the whole sheet used to its maximum advantage. Using that model we awarded four different grades:

○ Diamond: all the above elements achieved:            

○ Ruby: all or most of the required elements, either to a fair standard or with one of the requirements missing;

○ Emerald: Some of the elements included, but with perhaps one or two of those elements missing;

○ Opal: an exhibit which failed to meet all or many of the elements.

Both judges commented on how much they enjoyed the very wide range of subjects; with entries from so many countries it meant some topics were completely new to the judges, who certainly learnt a lot!

Although we made it clear at the outset that this was a competition without prizes, we subsequently decided that we should mark people’s efforts in some way. So as well as a certificate, every entrant will be sent a complimentary e-copy of June Themescene, and all the Youth entrants have been given a year’s electronic subscription to the BTA. 

All the Diamond, Ruby and Youth entries are available on our website.  In addition a selection of exhibits will be displayed by the BTA over two frames at Autumn Stampex 2022 in London later this year.   

Click here for the full list of entrants.

Thank you to everybody who took part.  


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